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MBA (English)

How to set up a search strategy

Your search strategy must be adapted according to the research tool you choose :

  • A library catalog;
  • A specialized data bank or
  • A search engine on the Web.

Thinking about a strategy beforehand makes it easier to switch from one search tool to another. A concept plan will enhance your preparation and have a direct impact on the relevance of the documents found.

The conceptt plan allows you :

  • To think about your subject;
  • To identify which words have more or less importance and value
  • To find, for each of them, synonyms or related terms, as well as opposing antonyms or terms.

Search with the first keywords that come to mind  :

Concept A Concept B Concept C
synonym synonym synonym
synonym synonym synonym
related topic related topic related topic


Concepts are usually linked with "AND / ET"

Synonyms and related topics are usually linked with "OR / OU"

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