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Citing your sources

Based on APA7th



Every reference cited must appear at the end of the document, in the list of references (bibliography). For more information, please visit our guide Bibliography according to APA style

Take notes during your documentary research, keep a record of what you think you will use in writing. Be sure to cite your sources accurately.

Why should I cite?


  • Respect copyright;
  • Give credit to the author of the original work;
  • Add authority to your work;
  • Easily find references within your work;
  • Demonstrate your research skills;
  • Avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

When should I cite?


  • Paraphrasing someone else's idea;
  • Taking a direct quote from a source;
  • Referencing another person's ideas;
  • Using or re-using data (statistics, graphics, etc.);
  • Translating a text.

The same rules apply to electronic sources.