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EndNote Web - English

Export references

Under the Format tab, click on Export References

  • Select the group to be exported from the drop-down menu References.
  • Select the export style from the drop-down menu Export style.
  • Click on Save.

Share a group

Use this option to collaborate with colleagues.

  • In the Organize tab, click on Manage My Groups.
  • Select the group to be shared (an icon appears next to the group name).
  • Click on Manage Sharing.

EndNote Web Manage My Group

  • Click on Start sharing this group.
  • Enter the email addresses (one per line) of the people with whom you would like to share this group (each person must be registered with EndNote Web) or import a text file of email addresses.
  • Choose the Read Only option (only allows the reading of references) or Read & Write (allows reading, adding and editing of references).
  • Click on Apply.

With this option, it is possible to Rename or Delete a group.