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Adding references

The addition of references is done under the Collect tab.


Direct Import :  references are imported directly from a database.

  • In the database, choose EndNote Web as the destination. The references will be saved in your library under the folder [Unfiled].

Indirect Import : references are saved in a file from the database and this file is then imported into EndNote Web.

  • In EndNote Web, go to the Collect tab and click on Import References
  • Choose the file containing your references from the Browse button
  • Select the appropriate import filter according to the database used
  • Choose the destination folder
  • Click on Import

Manual Input

The information required varies depending on the type of document, see the Bibliographic style for HEC Montréal tab in the EndNote 20 - reference management tool guide for further information.

In the Collect tab, click on New Reference :

  1. Choose the type of reference in the drop-down menu Reference Type
  2. Enter the information in the appropriate fields, respecting the writing rules.
  3. Click on Save to save your reference.


Connect to a library catalog to locate references and import them into EndNote Web.

  1. Under the Collect tab, click on Online Search
  2. In the drop-down menu choose HEC Montréal
  3. Click on Connect
  4. Enter the query in the Online Search page
  5. Click on Search
  6. Check the references to add to the library
  7. Choose the group in which to add the references in the drop-down menu Add to group...​​​​​​​