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EndNote - English

Reference Management Tool

What is EndNote ?

Manage your bibliographic references with EndNote.

EndNote allows you to :

  • improve bibliographic references by adding keywords and reading notes
  • locate references more efficiently
  • produce bibliographies according to a specific bibliographic style
  • share references from the EndNote library
  • annotate documents in PDF format
  • insert references in a text document (Microsoft Word, Pages, OpenOffice)

Differences between EndNote 20 and EndNote 21

If you are familiar with EndNote 20, here are the main differences with this new version: 

  • Use tags to identify your libraries 
  • Use colors to better distinguish your libraries and groups;
  • Optimized EndNote Web interface 
  • EndNote is now compatible with Google Doc ;
  • Restore your library or deleted or damaged references

Download EndNote 21

Please note:

You should remove previous versions from your computer before installing the new EndNote 21 version.

Authentication: registration number + centralized password

Online documentation and support

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Terms of use

Installation and use of the software is restricted to HEC Montréal students, teaching staff and employees. Anyone whose library status is no longer in good standing must uninstall the software.
By using these resources, the user agrees to use them for personal purposes only.

Creating a Library

The database created with EndNote is called a Library.

  1. Open the EndNote software
  2. From the menu, select File > New...
  3. In the New Reference Library box, choose the destination and enter the file name.
  4. Click on Save.

.enl file and a .data folder are automatically created.

Clicking on the .enl file will allow you to open your library.


  1. The .data folder contains the library data and must be kept in the same location as the .enl file at all times.
  2. Using a library on a network, as well as in the cloud (e.g. DropBox) is strongly discouraged. You must be able to open your library without an Internet connection (your computer, a USB key, an external drive, etc.).
  3. It is recommended to create a single library (database) to make it easier to work with Word.

Backup copy

It is recommended that you periodically back up your library.

  • Open your library
  • Menu : File > Compress Library (.enlx) ...
  • To save everything, select the following :

  • Click on Next
  • Name the file with the word backup, for example: library-backup.enlx

This .enlx file contains the .DATA folder and the .enl file.


The .enlx file can be saved in the cloud, BUT must be transferred to your computer BEFORE opening.

Change the settings for a PDF search

Retrieve the PDF of references already in EndNote.

Menu Edit > Preferences... > Find Full Text

  • OpenURL Path :
  • URL :
  • Check the box Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references if you want the search to be done automatically when references are added to your library.

Download the HEC Montreal style

To install the file on your computer:

  1. Click on the link to open it in EndNote.
  2. Menu File > Save as.
  3. Delete the word "copy" if necessary to keep only "HEC_Montreal" as file name.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Menu File > Close Style.

For more information on the HEC Montréal style, consult the guide :


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