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I have a Mac. I downloaded the EndNote 20 from the HEC website. When installation is complete and I try to open the application, an image appears mentioning EndNote and then disappears immediately without launching the program. How do I open EndNote?

+  When I create a bibliography, the abstract appears under the reference. How do I remove this text?

+  Can I automatically add PDF documents to EndNote?

+  Can I add a PDF document to EndNote manually?

+  Can I change the column order?

+  How do I make a backup copy of my library?

+  How do I reset the synchronization?


+  The tab for EndNote does not appear in Word after installing the software - how can I make it appear?

+  The EndNote tab has disappeared in Word, but was there when the software was installed - how can I make it reappear?

+  In Word 16.25 for Mac, when I click on Insert Citation no window opens for the selection of a reference to insert in the text.

+  Instead of seeing the citation I see codes like { ADDIN EN.CITE ... What can I do to fix the problem?

+  A reference appears in the automatically generated list at the end of the document, but is not cited in the document - how do I correct the issue?

+  When I merge files that each have a bibliography created with EndNote, the bibliographies remain separate in the final document. How can I get just one bibliography at the end of the document?

+  When I insert a cited author (name, date) in my Word document, the first name of the author appears in the parenthesis while it does not appear for the other authors - Is this normal?

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