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EndNote - English

Reference Management Tool


Click on a column header to sort the references in ascending order by that value. 

Click on the menu Edit > Preferences > Display Fields to change the columns displayed. The title of certain columns can also be changed.

Creating groups

Use groups to organize your references according to a list of criteria that you have established. A reference may be located in more than one group.

To begin, create a Group Set :

Group Set

  1. Menu : Groups (menu EndNote 20 for Apple users) > Create Group Set.
  2. Right-click to rename

Only groups can be created in Group Set.


  1. Menu Groups > Create Group or right-click.
  2. Name the group.
  3. Select references
  4. Drag references into the group.

Smart Groups

Allows the direct transmission of new references in a group according to one or more search criteria (query).

  1. Menu Groups > Create Smart Group.
  2. Enter the search criteria.
  3. Click on Options.
  4. Name the group in the Smart Group Name section.
  5. Click on Create.
  6. References from the library that match the query are automatically copied to this group.
  7. References added later which correspond to this query will automatically be added to this group.

Remove a reference from a group by selecting it within said group and clicking on the Delete key. To remove a reference from the library (and all groups), select the reference from the All References list and click the Delete key.

Reading and annotating PDF documents

EndNote contains a PDF reader.

  1. Add your PDF documents using one of the methods outlined in this guide
  2. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner of the document to search for keywords within the PDF
  3. Click on the speech bubble in the upper left-hand corner of the document to markup/annotate the document.
    • Add comments and notes on specififc passages as you read with ''Add sticky notes''
    • a  to highlight words, sentences, or passages
    • U (underline symbol) to underline
    • T to strikeout 

Delete an annotation by right-clicking and selecting Delete Annotation.

Click on Save to save your annotations. If you forget, a pop-up will appear when you close the PDF asking if you want to save your changes.

You may also choose to :

  • Print the PDF or pages of the PDF
  • Attach a copy of the PDF to an email
  • Open the PDF in a seperate window


Annotating references

Use the Research Notes field to store your reading notes.

Find a consistent way to record your notes for easy reference when writing a paper.

Les bibliothèques de l'UQ suggests copying a record into the Research Notes field to maintain a consistent structure for your references and the notes you add to them.